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Matched pair Psvane WE275 Replicated Version Vacuum tube
           Psvane WE275 Replica – equivalent to 2A3:  The 2..
Ex Tax: $368.00
Psvane Philips Holland Metal Base Replica EL34PH matched quad
           Description: The Reproducing Classic Power Amplifier ..
Ex Tax: $298.00
Psvane WE205D/205D-L Replica Vacuum Tubes matched pair
Ex Tax: $458.00
Psvane WE211 Western Electric Replica vacuum tubes matched pair
Ex Tax: $518.00
Psvane WE212 1:1 Replica of the Western Electric 212 tube 1pcs
           Psvane WE212 Replica:  This is the world’s one a..
$1,288.00 $999.00
Ex Tax: $999.00
Psvane WE274B vacuum tube 1:1 Replica of Western Electric matched pair
          The Psvane 1:1 replica WE274B follows exactly the same design ..
Ex Tax: $398.00
Psvane WE300B 1:1 Western Electric Vacuum Tube Replica Matched Pair All New in exclusive gift boxes
                      PSVANE WE300..
$698.00 $628.00
Ex Tax: $628.00
Psvane WE310A Vacuum tube  matched pair all new
             Psvane WE310A has exactly the same electronic ..
Ex Tax: $228.00
Psvane WE845 Western Electric Replica Vacuum Tube Matched Pair All New
$568.00 $499.00
Ex Tax: $499.00
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Psvane Western Electric 101D / 101D-L Replica tubes matched pair
Ex Tax: $458.00
Psvane WR2A3 (RCA replica) Vacuum Tube Matched Pair replace 2A3
           Psvane WR2A3- a whole new substitute for 2A3, the world’..
Ex Tax: $378.00
Psvane WR50 Vacuum Tube Matched Pair  replace RCA50
            Description: Psvane WR50 is the hybird of WE50 an..
Ex Tax: $368.00
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